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Why Shop Local?

When you shop local, you invest in your community, in your neighbors, and in yourselves. In this economic climate, the best return on investment is in local business. It is estimated that for every dollar you spend, twice as much will be reinvested in the community by a local store than a national store.




Confections of a Home Baker

Homebaked but not by you! Cookies, Brownies, Squares, Cobblers, Cupcakes, Cakes, Crackers.  Try thier best seller Mint Chocolate Chip cookies, to die for!

Theese sell out quickly so if you want to make sure your favroite is there - you can pre-order in batches. 



Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm

Founded in 1977 the Forstbauer Farm is a Certified Organic Farm in Chilliwack British Colombia, farmed using Biodynamic Principals and Certified through the Biodynamic Society of British Colombia (Demeter).  Pioneers in the early Organic farming movement, they are still farming with integrity and passion. 



Greendale Herb & Vine

Greendale Herb & Vine supplies naturally grown grapes, tomatoes, vegetables, flowers and dried herbs and rubs, as well as infused vinegars, organic muesli and herbal skin balm. Their farm is situated in Greendale, in the fertile fraser valley, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.



Karla's SpecialTeas

Specializign in Loose Leaf Artisan and Gourmet. Karla's Specialteas meet or exceed European union standards some of the most stringent testing in the world, testing is done for over 140+ chemicals and pesticides. All suppliers have been certified "clean". These really are some SPECIAL TEAS!


Happy Days Goat Dairy

Happy Days Goat Dairy was founded in 1993 as a family business in Salmon Arm, BC. We are the largest supplier of fluid goat milk in Western Canada and play an important role in supplying retail stores and the food service industry with a variety of goat milk, goat milk cheeses, goat milk yogurts, and goat milk ice cream.



Ossome Acres

Ossome Acres has been in their family for five generations. Being the oldest of four boys, Aaron and his wife Noella decided to convert a hay field into a one acre vegetable garden.

This year they have decided to implement a CSA program buildinc connection, sustainability and community.



Slavic Rolls

This family run business located in Yarrow have been making their brittle using an old family recipe that is handmade one batch at a time. They continue to expand our product line by adding new flavors and twists to the original recipe that everyone knows and loves. Try their famous brittle in a wonderful variety of traditional and non-traditional flavors!



Tatiana's Aritisan Breads

Handmade fresh and local we look forward to whenever Tatiana decides to drop by our market!



Verard Farms

The Hoogeveens take great pride in their farm and raising healthy, happy pigs to send to market. Verard Farms has been shipping to Johnston's in Chilliwack since 1998 and they are now offering a variety of pork products processed by Johnston's for sale at their farm. You can also find the Hoogeveen family and their Verard Farms trailer at various farmer's markets throughout the spring and summer months