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Beautifully Holistic

100% Organic, Nut-free, Vegan and Gluten Free cosmetics and Skin Care products. All products made in Chilliwack.

Beautifully Holistic Organic Beauty Outlet and Eco Spa offering a laid back atmosphere and services includinging massage, waxing, threading, nails and much more!


Beautifully Holistic_products

Crocheting Little Treasures

Carlin is a busy working at home Mom with I 2 kids who taught to crochet by my grandmother. She started making little treasures as a hobby for her daughter and has grown into a great little business for herself! Her portfolio includes photography props, keepsakes bonnets, ear warmers, neck wraps scarves, cowls booties, shoes, sandals and Custom Orders!

Beautifully Holistic_products
Green Gals

Yanika Tytherleigh and Sam Palmer, Green Gals, are a couple of moms who have a passion for the environment. The duos decided to take the laundry soap, cleaning products and baby wipes they were making for their families and bring it to families all over the Fraser Valley.

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Gold, Silver and Beads

GOLD, SILVER and BEADS has transformed from a hobby into a full fledge jeweler design studio.  Specializing in gold and silver jewelry craftsmen Blair Waugh and Dustin Browne also do miniature sculpture in the above metals as well as some pieces utilizing other metals and base materials. 

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Handmade by Amanda (HBA)

This crafty stay at home is inspired by her daughter and two "fur" babies. All stuffed with 100% recycled polyester. Known for her whimsical owls HBA also features toys for pets, magnets, ornament, headbands and much more!


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Hip Navy Beads

Hip Navy Beads is a lamp work, glass bead, and jewelry design studio, offering only original works and creative services. It was born of the love of life outdoors, strongly influenced from past summers. Spending time at the ocean, sailing boats, collecting beach glass, soaking up sun and just enjoying the water.




LeShelle Designs 

LeShelle Designs was founded by two sisters-in-laws; Michelle Schroeder and Leni Schroeder, who create and sell jewelry



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Local Grain

Kimberley Francis blends her whimsical illustration with the natural grain of the wood, and brings contemporary motifs to traditional woodworking processes. Her company, local grain, speaks to the character present in the grain of each piece, and celebrates returning back to her hometown of chilliwack, to launch her professional practice.


Shades of Narnia Art Collective & Supply

An artist collective is an initiative that is the result of a group of artists working together, usually under their own management, towards shared aims.
Our commonality is fibres, stretching out in knits and felts, with a focus on hand-dyeing.


Beautifully Holistic_products

SmokeStack Sculptures

Annie Harper doesn't make anything twice!
Her art is hand-made, one of a kind and made from scrap metal, wood, or old broken things she has re-furbished. Her work is mainly in metal and concrete but sometimes fiberglass, wood and epoxy. For unique gifts and pleasures, check out SmokeStack Sculptures!